Maintainership in projects

Hi everyone!

My team is a frequent user of the community-roles ansible-nomad, ansible-consul and the grafana-community-collection.

However all of them seem to lack someone who’s willing to maintain them. But we are. :slight_smile:

How can we help getting these roles and collections off the ground again? We’d very much like to be maintainers.


Thanks @rndmh3ro ! I don’t know the exact process myself, but someone else on the @CommunityTeam I’m sure does.

As a start, I can point to the maintainer guidelines in the docs that might get you started.

And thanks again for volunteering to take this on!



I should have added that we already maintain several collections (See, among them the Icinga director collection that is part of ansible. So we’ve got some experience there.

But I’ll make sure to review the guidelines again.

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For ansible-nomad and ansible-consul I recommend creating issues to offer helping with maintaining them. I couldn’t find any such issues yet (but then I also didn’t look too closely). Make sure to ping the persons who committed/merged to the repositories in the last years so they shouldn’t miss this.

For community.grafana it’s probably best to ping the current maintainers (someone needs to look up who these are, the community team should be able to do that) and give them a bit more time to react. If there is no reaction, or only positive feedback, getting you added as maintainers by the community team should be no problem.

(I’m saying that as someone who’s not part of the community team, but I can’t think of a reason why they wouldn’d do that :slight_smile: )


Thanks Felix!

For c.grafana I already did this: Looking for contributors/maintainers · Issue #217 · ansible-collections/community.grafana · GitHub

For nomad and consul I did this here: Helping with maintaining the collection · Issue #180 · ansible-community/ansible-nomad · GitHub


Great stuff @rndmh3ro - thanks for stepping up! :heart: :tada:

Those issues seem like a good place to start, and as @felixfontein says, we can help if you get no traction in a while. Keep us updated with your progress, please!

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It’s great to see someone offering to maintain orphaned collections! As mention by all, thanks for that!

Seeing you are already maintaining quite a few collections, I would suggest you join the @CollectionMaintainer group here: Collection maintainers & contributors - Ansible , it’s going to become increasingly important to stay up to date on news affecting collection developers and maintainers!

By the way, are you sharing those collections in the new Galaxy?

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Thanks @Leo, I joined the group.

And yes, all our collections are already in the new galaxy: Ansible Galaxy :slight_smile:


We are maintainers in the collections and roles now, thank you all for your help!