Azure Dynamic Inventory Issue


I would like to understand if these issue present for everyone who using Azure Resource Manager for inventory.

I have configure the following sync.

  - key: tags.Environment
    separator: ""
  - key: powerstate
    separator: ""
  - key: image.offer
    separator: ""
    - name
    csp: "'azure'"

Few issue:

  1. it doesn’t capture the virtual machine if the machine in stopped state
  2. it override the host inventory. I have disable certain host before syncing. Once I sync , host are back to “enabled” state. This does not happen with AWS plugin. So I would like to know if this is a Azure RM plugin issue.


  1. I would like to know how I can capture the stopped state of the VM.
  2. How to preserve host that has been disable after sync.

Any ideas would be helpful.


Hello @ku1918 .

For issue1, can you try default_host_filters option?

default_host_filters: []   # specifying empty list
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