AWX only one playbook in Dopdown menu

im new to AWX.
I have for testing everything in a GitHub Repo.
I successfull created playbook which shows hosts online, but when in want to add another playbok in the same directory at GitHub it only lists the first playbook.
I new i had to enter the file name when i want to import hosts from yaml files, but i cant enter the name because it disappears again.

Thank you in advance!!

@gothsome Hello!
addsshkey.yaml is not a Playbook and cannot be specified in the job template.

Try modifying it to the Playbook by specifying hosts keyword, etc., in the same way as hostonline.yaml.


- name: Set authorized keys
  hosts: all
  gather_facts: false
    - name: Set authorized keys taken from url
        user: charlietteeiiiaaste
        state: present

Then, after sync the project, try creating the job template again.

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Yeah i think thats it - in the hostonline i have those lines too!

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A verv big thank you!

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@gothsome So nice! My pleasure.

Now the default playbook from ansible fails, but ill make another issue.

If you can not solve the another issue, please post as new topic :grinning: :grinning:

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