AWX ldap spec/myvalues.yaml file


  • AWX Operator Helm Chart ver 2.11.0
  • AWX 23.7.0 on a K8s cluster
  • myvalues.yaml / spec applied during install of helm chart
  # enable use of awx-deploy template
  enabled: true
  name: awx
    admin_user: admin
    image_version: 23.7.0
    init_container_image_version: latest
    - name: AWX EE (latest)
    redis_image_version: "7"
    postgres_image_version: "13" 
    enabled: true
    hostPath: /var/lib/postgresql/data
    size: 2Gi
    storageClassName: local-storage
    enabled: true
    hostPath: /opt/projects/data
    size: 5Gi
    - setting: AUTH_LDAP_SERVER_URI
      value: >-
      "ldaps:// ldaps://"

    - setting: AUTH_LDAP_BIND_DN
      value: >-
      "CN=MyLDAPUser,OU=Service Accounts,DC=gsil,DC=org"

I can include myvalues file with the helm chart at the time of install. While the install doesn’t complain about bad syntax in my yaml file, I don’t see that the ldap settings are getting set when opening up the web GUI. Can anyone explain this? What should I be doing different? I am still very new to Kubernetes and AWX (in Kubernetes) I did run AWX in docker years ago when awx was version 17. My other items such as custom repos to pull offline images from are working as expected.

I thought the purpose of myvalues.yaml/spec file was to pre-populate information and assist with configuration. Any clarity or insight you can provide is appreciated!

The LDAP settings in your myvalues.yaml file might not be directly applied by the AWX Helm chart during installation because some configurations, especially external authentication like LDAP, need to be set up through the AWX web UI or API after deployment. To automate this, consider using an Ansible playbook to configure LDAP settings via the AWX API post-installation.

Hi again, is this issue still existing?

Maybe you already know that structure is important in YAML, and you can find extra_settings is not placed correctly.

extra_settings is for the AWX CR, so this should be under AWX.spec.

Yes, after getting the LDAP and certs working correctly from the other post I knew my issue was the same for here. Indentation and getting settings in the correct area, spacing etc. While I don’t have this fixed just yet, I expect I should have this fixed quickly. Thanks.

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