Awx - helm not using image/redis_image from values.yaml

I’m attempting to override the awx/redis docker images, when deploying via helm/k8s.

My values.yaml:

    enabled: true
    name: awx
        secret_key_secret: awx-secret-key
        postgres_configuration_secret: awx-postgres-configuration
        admin_password_secret: awx-admin-password
        admin_user: admin
        ingress_type: Ingress
        ingress_tls_secret: example-com-secret-tls
        image: internalmirror/ext-docker/ansible/awx
        image_pull_policy: Always
        redis_image: internalmirror/ext-docker/redis

I can manually ‘docker pull’ using the above URLs just fine.

Looking at my deployment however, awx-web is still pulling from the default

        imagePullPolicy: Always
        imagePullPolicy: Always

I’m using version 2.4.0 of the helm chart.

Not seeing it even attempt to use these images when I check the awx-operator logs, no references to the internal mirror in the logs at all.

# kubectl -n awx logs -f deployments/awx-operator-controller-manager -c awx-manager | grep redis

 "image": ""

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

In case anyone else runs into this, you can’t just specify the image - you also have to specify the image version.