AWX change project base path Kubernetes

Dear people,

I have successfully installed AWX with Kubernetes on Debian 12 with the following guide

How can I change project base path ‘/var/lib/awx/projects’ from Kubernetes to the underlining Debian OS to ‘/opt/awx/projects’ or link between to directories?

I’ve searched my ass off but I can’t find a good tutorial or configuration.
I hope someone can help me.

Hey @ScorpionKing34, welcome! You can do this by changing the conf file found at /etc/awx/conf.d/ per 15. Projects — Ansible AWX community documentation

Though I would heed its warning of “…as incorrect settings can disable your installation.”.

Hope this helps.

Is this in the shell of the Kubernetes? If so with one:
awx-operator-controller-manager 1/1 1 1 40m
awx-task 1/1 1 1 21m
awx-web 1/1 1 1 20m

On Debian OS I have no /etc/awx/conf.d directory.

opens issues on docs to get this changed to be more clear

In your spec for the operator, how did you set (or did you set) project_persistence?

Reason I am asking is as I am looking over the operator, it looks like we don’t even set local project storage if its not passed per

I followed the guide with this command:
$ tee awx-deploy.yml<<EOF

kind: AWX
name: awx

service_type: nodeport
projects_persistence: true
projects_storage_access_mode: ReadWriteOnce
web_extra_volume_mounts: |
- name: static-data
mountPath: /var/lib/projects
extra_volumes: |
- name: static-data
claimName: static-data-pvc


Tried also with the following option under extra_volumes no luck.

  • hostPath:
    path: /opt/awx/projects
    type: Directory
    name: os-mount

So, does anyone how to mount a local host OS directory ‘/opt/awx/projects’ into pod of AWX? So that I can use the Source Control Type ‘Manual’ to import project directories.

Also a side questions:

  1. If is suspend my vm and resume the vm, the pods does not run any more. Need to reboot to get AWX to work again. How can I fix this, search my ass of to find a solution.

  2. How can AWX in Kubernetes be configured with a ssl certificate and https?

  3. How can AWX in Kubernetes be configured with ldap?

I’ll hope someone could help me.