Ansible-New-Zealand: Ansible NZ: Fully Automated Site Failover for RBNZ [2024-08-14]

Join Ansible New Zealand for a cool event on a very exciting Automation use case!

In this meetup, Andrew Stipkovits - senior solution architect at Datacom, will showcase the fully automated site swap and failover capability that Datacom has developed for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand - Te Pūtea Matua utilising Operations as Code and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. This innovative solution ensures the continuous availability and reliability of critical financial systems, minimising downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

Whether you are a seasoned Ansible user or new to the world of automation, this event is perfect for networking, knowledge sharing, and exploring the endless possibilities of Automation. Mark your calendars and join us for a night of learning and inspiration as we navigate the world of automation and innovation together over drinks and snacks.

About the Speaker
Andrew Stipkovits
Senior Solution Architect | Datacom

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