Ansible-Singapore: Ansible Meetup @ Red Hat Office - September 2023 [2023-09-28]

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Hi All,

Join us in our upcoming meetup session to explore the transformative power of Event-Driven Ansible (EDA) in Network Automation.Discover how EDA can reshape Network Operations, enhance ChatOps collaboration, and supercharge Network Automation.

In this session, you’ll delve into the fundamentals of Event-Driven Ansible, including Ansible Rulebooks and the EDA Controller. We will demonstrate how EDA, combined with Network telemetry events, facilitates real-time automation, proactive monitoring, seamless ChatOps and ITSM integration for efficient network management.


- Event Driven Ansible Overview
- Ansible and Event Driven Ansible for Network Automation
- Demo
- Q&A and Networking

Hope to see you guys in person!

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