Ansible-Singapore: Ansible Meetup @ Red Hat Office - November 2023 [2023-11-30]

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Hi All,

Join us in our upcoming meetup session to discover how to enhance your disaster recovery strategy with Ansible! Join our session to explore how Ansible simplifies and automates the process of disaster recovery, enabling organizations to efficiently manage and restore critical systems in the event of an unexpected outage. With its powerful automation capabilities, Ansible offers a comprehensive solution for orchestrating complex recovery tasks, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum resilience.

Learn how Ansible can streamline the disaster recovery process by automating routine tasks, minimizing human error, and enabling swift, consistent, and reliable recovery actions. Dive into live demonstrations showcasing Ansible’s resilience in action, and understand how it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure to bolster your disaster recovery preparedness.

Whether you are a system administrator, IT manager, DevOps engineer, or simply interested in exploring cutting-edge solutions in the realm of IT resilience and disaster recovery, this event is a must-attend!


- Event Driven Ansible Overview
- Introduction to Ansible Disaster Recovery
- Demo
- Q&A and Networking

Hope to see you guys in person!

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