Ansible Navigator use-cases and Integrating and Utilizing Ansible Navigator in a Multi-Controller Ansible Automation Platform Environment

I’m currently operating an Ansible Automation Platform environment comprising two controller nodes, an EDA node, an automation hub node, and a centralized database node for the controllers and automation hub nodes.

I’m considering installing Ansible Navigator on both controller nodes to enhance my Ansible experience. However, before proceeding, I seek guidance on the specific benefits and use cases of Ansible Navigator in this multi-controller setup.

As you know, Ansible Automation Platform’s Controller node UI provides basic template creation and workflow management capabilities, etc. While this interface suffices for straightforward tasks, I’m wondering if Ansible Navigator offers additional advantages

Here are my specific questions:
When should I consider using Ansible Navigator over the Controller node UI?

What are the key use cases for Ansible Navigator in a multi-controller environment?

How can I seamlessly integrate Ansible Navigator into my multi-controller Ansible Automation Platform environment?