Ansible module oracle_user does not set passworts when crypted via ansible_vault

I am using oracle_pdb and oracle_user modules to set up Oracle Databases and users via ansible. This works fine until we use only Standalone databases.
Now I need to set up a CDB/PDB Database. Creation works fine. User setup with a loop on all needed users works also without error.Passwords are stored in an ansible-vault.
But the setted up passwords are not correct.
Encrypting the vault with ansible-vault shows correct password
But login with this passwords rsults in ORA-1017 user/password incorrect.

- name: create deploy user DPLUS_%
  connection: local
  no_log: true
    hostname:                "{{ db_hostname }}"
    service_name:            "{{ rcs_pdb_service }}"
    user:                    "{{ db_connect_user }}"
    password:                "{{ db_connect_password }}"
    mode:                    "{{ db_connect_mode }}"
    schema:                  "{{ item.username }}"
    schema_password:         "{{ item.password_vault }}"
    default_tablespace:      "{{ rcs_db_deploy_default_tablespace }}"
    default_temp_tablespace: "{{ rcs_db_deploy_temporary_tablespace }}"
    - "{{ rcs_db_deploy_users }}"
    label: "{{ item.username }}"

Vault entry:

 - username: DPLUS_APPL
    password_hash: S:ABDED382253DB7932BCBCC93C6D3B6E742B664C5D9F1E737D5AB373714D8;T:89F040CEB67D2AD5B57DC0C8B62B60C308F9A10BEA45E0081FB6C70D664D6AFE584E67022A501C679CE8A78968A5F7F63359690728B27C92C33AEE77D0FCCCFAEA0E6DF37A46AEDC3B41BB04393BC755
    password_vault: !vault |
  • oracle_user