Ansible Builder is coming to Fedora!

ansible-builder is up for review in Fedora and should soon come to the official distribution package repositories!


That’s cool! Do you know what other ansible projects are in Fedora?

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We have a fair amount of ansible-related packages in Fedora. Here is a keyword search for ansible in our package repositories. I also have the slides for my Flock 2023 talk about Ansible and Fedora. Molecule was unfortunately retired from Fedora 39 and Rawhide, as the package maintainer did not have time to keep it up to date and it failed to build for Python 3.12. I’d eventually like to pick it and revive it, but O Time.


Cool thanks. Nice slidedeck too!

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Okay, the ansible-builder package been approved and is currently in the Fedora 38 and Fedora 39 updates-testing repositories: