Ansible-Atlanta: Integrating ServiceNow with AAP [2023-08-24]

This month Ben Forrester will present a behind the scenes deep dive in integrating ServiceNow with AAP (We’ve all seen the demo magic but how do you really pull the rabbit out of the hat? Following topics will be covered:

  • ServiceNow/AAP Integration using REST Messages (No additional costs but a bit more tedious)

  • ServiceNow/AAP Integration using Ansible Spoke (Comes with the Integration Hub Standard/Professional subscription for ServiceNow - this could be additional cost depending on customer’s Subscription type but easier than creating the REST messages manually)

  • Have AAP Reach out to ServiceNow using the servicenow.itsm Ansible Collection (I’ll cover galaxy instead of certified since we like to keep it upstreamy at the meetups.) a) Create, update, close CR’s and Incident Tickets

  • Use the ServiceNow plugin as an inventory source