Allow release-managers to post Ecosystem Releases

Would it be possible to allow members of the @release-managers group to post to the Ecosystem Releases category without having our posts moderated? Posting announcements to the forum is now a part of the Ansible package release process.

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Yes, this should be possible and I was looking into it to allow the publishing of all ecosystem releases directly by a specific dedicated group (EcoReleases).

There is also another option I think, which would be adding the group as moderators.

I think having a deduccated group with permissions to publish is better than giving moderator level to the whole category to every group that needs to post there. It will add some maintenance as we need to keep that list updated.

The downside of the publishing permissions per group is that we remove the moderation queue I think, meaning only those in the designated group/s can create topics. I need to do some testing in the sandbox to confirm, unless @gwmngilfen has the answer or a better alternative.

I believe we can do both if we promote the release-managers group to category moderators in that particular category. I can take a look when I have a moment, but travel starts tomorrow :flight_departure: :stuck_out_tongue:

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OK, I have added the EcoReleasePublishers group as a category moderator for Ecosystem Releases - please give it a try!

(That seemed a better fit than the release-managers group, based on the name and who are members of the group, but it can obviously be changed)