403 forbidden ansible galaxy API keys

Hi - I went to publish a role this morning osc.open_ondemand (or OSC.open_ondemand I can’t tell which is legit and which is a copy) and started to get 403 forbidden errors.

I regenerated the key for the robotic user that does this work to no avail. I can’t tell if that robotic user is even has access to the role anymore.

So I then tried to generate an API key for myself, but it still doesn’t work. The key I generated was in the UI’s collections tab and I’m trying to upload a role, so that could be the issue - but if that’s the case the UI doesn’t show me how to generate an API key for a role.


I feel like this is a duplicate of this topic:

At least this topic highlights the fact that the API key might just be for collections and not for standalone roles.