Wrong auth mechanism for Mongod community.mongodb module

Hope you doing well!

I faced problem during creation Playbook for MongoDb ReplicaSet

For adding host to existing replicaset i’m using “community.mongodb.mongodb_replicaset” module , so if i’m using database local account as " login_user" parametr everything is working fine, but when i’m trying to use AD account using " login_database" parametr with “$external” value i got error “Unsupported mechanism ‘SCRAM-SHA-1’ on authentication database ‘$external’" even if adding parametr " auth_mechanism” and set it to “PLAIN” .
Same behavior when i’m trying to use “community.mongodb.mongodb_user” module to remove user, logging into database with AD account, but with database local account it’s working.

Can you please advise me what i’m doing wrong?

Thank you in advance!