What to rename "community-topics" to as a forum tag

@samccann that’s interesting, because I see it almost completely the other way - community-topics is a grab bag of different sorts of discussions ranging from collection inclusion all the way up to ecosystem-wide things. To me, that’s overloading the term, these things should be tagged differently - being entirely honest, I’m not looking at the collection stuff (I have enough to do and nothing to contribute, other people know this better than me). Credit where it’s due, this is basically me restating @Leo’s point (although I would call out that we need content tags like collections, documentation, github, ci, matrix/irc, and so on, in additional to the meeting/proposal/vote axis)

Having the right tags for the discussions I can contribute to is a plus, in my opinion. Yes, it’s a change in our flow, but after some adjustment I think it’ll be better to be able to follow tags that interest each of us. Right now (as you’ve said) there is a significant amount of overloading in both the repo and the weekly meeting, and that’s largely because we have nowhere else to put it. But that won’t change if we don’t try new workflows.

As for “mistaken tagging”, well that’s OK and why we have moderators and trusted members - tags can be edited. If you see something that is incorrectly tagged, please fix it! It’s a great way to help the community improve its communication. And of course, if the tags are right then perhaps the issue should be the centre of attention!

Looking back through the topic, I think the main thing to solve is @gotmax23’s point: “how do we mark an item for the next meeting?”. Ultimately, I’d like that to be a minor issue, because the meeting should be the 2nd place where we discuss things, with the forum as the primary (this is more inclusive of timezones and people who need time to process things before replying - not everyone likes chat). A wiki-post agenda similar to the docs one might be a good fit longer term, but we need to start off with a single step, so how about a community-wg tag for now?

BTW, tags are so flexible, I want everyone at our level of community seniority (Community team, SC, WG leads, etc) to feel comfortable in creating them as needed - please do! I see absolutely no problem with tags that are meant for a specific workflow (like this) and I’m happy to have tags that can only be added by specific groups (e.g. the SC) - we already do this with the official tag in Events. I will gladly take on a role of regularly reviewing/updating/merging them if we get typos/synonyms/etc, so please go big here - I would rather have too many tags than too few.

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