What is the purpose of the --branch on galaxy role import

Hello all,

Now that showing the version on galaxy-ng is working again, I am a bit confused. Because my imported roles suddenly have the option “main” several times.

This can be seen, for example, in the test role roles-ansible.test that I made to test the import on galaxy-ng in more detail:

I created a github action to import ansible-roles to galaxy-ng: Action Ansible Galaxy Release · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub

And I noticed, the string in the “–branch” version is used as version. So I changed the --branch to use the current release tag.
But now I am curious, dear ansible-galaxy experts. Is this the intended mechanism? Wouldn’t it be much more logical to call this option something else like --branch? For example --tag or --version?
Have I fundamentally misunderstood something about the galaxy role import tooling?

Thank you for your answers :kissing_heart: