Voluntarily leaving the Steering Committee

Voluntarily leaving the Steering Committee says to open a Community Topics issue.

However, now that we’ve moved to the forum I think this should be announced here and not on GH. I’m not really sure where (directly in News & Announcements?) and what tags to use.

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Good question! (We definitely should update that.) I guess Project Discussions would be another category where it could go. I’m not sure which of Project Discussions and News & Announcements is best… In any case, it should have the community-wg and steering-committee tags.

Which ever public place this goes, we should include context about the aims of Steering Committee and links to the governance

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There are a PR to update that part [SC vote needed] Steering Committee: simplify member removal policy; update links by Andersson007 · Pull Request #1075 · ansible/ansible-documentation · GitHub.
Should we also use private messages to SC group?
I don’t see any reason why we should make it public by default. If the person wants to announce their resignation on the Internet, they could open a topic, it’s not forbidden.
If SC is notified, it’s imo enough by default.
So I suggest using PM to SC as we do for involuntary leaving. Thoughts?

I think new members and leaving members should always be announced publicly. The reasoning behind leaving can be private, but the fact that a person left (or joined) is public information.


@felixfontein it’s sure not secret, though to me to create a forum topic only to announce it feels a bit like an overkill and brings too much (maybe undesirable) attention to a person’s resignation…

Maybe a section in Bullhorn like Steering Committee updates: .. a person resigned: thanks much for their service, .. a person has joined. would work.

On the other hand, maybe Bullhorn would be an even greater overkill:) no sure. Feel free to suggest changes in the PR

I personally like @Andersson007 idea
Private discussion in Forum
Public line in Bullhorn under Working Group updates (not top level big announcement)


I like the idea of not creating a forum post just for this and announce this on Bullhorn instead. Actually, I think this should definitively be mentioned in Bullhorn (it’s our newsletter, isn’t it?) so another forum posting would be kind of duplicate.

PM to SteeringCommittee in the forum plus an announcement in Bullhorn… sounds good to me. Maybe the person leaving should be allowed to create this, but doesn’t have to. In this case, one of the remaining SC members would do the announcement in Bullhorn.

What do you think about this?


For the record: Steering committee: simplify member removal process seems to be the main thread about this. Let’s move the discussion there.