Vmware.community: bus_sharing parameter is not working with disk option

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bus sharing parameter is not working with disk option in vmware.


- name: vm disk demo
  hosts: localhost
  become: false
  gather_facts: false
    - include_vars: vars.yml
    - name: add disk to vm
        hostname: "{{ vcenter_hostname }}"
        username: "{{ vcenter_username }}"
        password: "{{ vcenter_password }}"
        validate_certs: "{{ vcenter_validate_certs }}"
        datacenter: "{{ vcenter_datacenter }}"
        name: "{{ vm_name }}"
          - size_gb: "{{ vm_disk_gb }}"
            type: "{{ vm_disk_type }}"
            datastore: "{{ vm_disk_datastore }}"
            state: present
            scsi_controller: "{{ vm_disk_scsi_controller }}"
            sharing: "{{ vm_disk_sharing }}"
            unit_number: "{{ vm_disk_scsi_unit }}"
            scsi_type: "{{ vm_disk_scsi_type }}"
            disk_mode: "{{ vm_disk_mode }}"
            bus_sharing: "physicalSharing"


vcenter_hostname: ""
vcenter_datacenter: "datacenter"
vcenter_validate_certs: no
vcenter_username: "administrator@vsphere.local"
vcenter_password: "**password**"
vm_name: "standalonenode"
vm_disk_gb: 1
vm_disk_type: "eagerzeroedthick"
vm_disk_datastore: "datastore1"
vm_disk_scsi_controller: 3
vm_disk_scsi_unit: 3
vm_disk_scsi_bus_sharing: "physicalSharing"
vm_disk_scsi_type: 'paravirtual'
vm_disk_mode: 'persistent'
vm_disk_sharing: true

Here vm_disk_sharing value is true but in controller the set value is None, How to fix this?

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