Using AWX remotely

I’ve followed the instructions at (including the steps in the demo), and have the AWX UI running locally on the AWX server’s graphic display, where I connect to it from a locally-run browser connection to TCP port 443.

But I can’t access this AWX server from other systems.

What network plumbing has to be added to allow external-to-system access to the AWX UI?


I’m not sure what the OOB configuration would be as I never deployed AWX on K8s, but what you’re looking for would be an ingress (or LoadBalancer service type in some cases).

According to documentation, you should be able to configure operator to create these component as well:

You could also set up an ingress manually to route external traffic to your pods, in which case you could read the documentation related to the ingress controller you’re using.

Also watch for potential existing firewall rules or network policies.