Upgrade package with dependency

I have a problem when upgrading gpfs packages using ansible. When executing the update using the module it always fails due ta dependency between packages that are in the same upgrade

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From the screenshot it’s not clear how that task is working or what the scope is, I can understand you are trying to install multiple rpms from a local directory, but I’m not sure why you are listing with_items, when using the shell task with the *.rpm.

I would advise you to use the yum module and list each package name individually with their fullname (with a loop or with_items if you wish to avoid multiple tasks) , instead of the *.rpm

- name: Install nginx rpm from a local file
    name: /usr/local/src/nginx-release-centos-6-0.el6.ngx.noarch.rpm
    state: present

There are two different classes of issue here: Ansible and package management. I’m only addressing one of the Ansible issues, which is: You are looping over a list of dicts, but you don’t seem to be using any of the loop’d items. That is, your task never uses {{ item.name }} from what I can see. Maybe settle on a strategy of either wild card matching in the shell, or looping, but maybe not both.


but what I want is to update, update an already installed version

I think you need to be using the “installation toolkit” to coordinate such an upgrade. That’s beyond the scope of “normal” yum or dnf operations. You should be following this documentation set:

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