Update packages with DNF and name wildcard

I tried to upgrade some packages with the APT/DNF modules.

To do this, I’ve set a variable with the package name and a wildcard.
For example, let’s consider upgrading all python3 packages with DNF.

# Task
  package: "python3*"

  - name: Update packages using DNF
      name: "{{ package }}"
      state: latest
      update_cache: yes
      update_only: true

This way the python3 packages won’t be upgraded because there’s no python3*.

# Result
msg: Nothing to do
  rc: 0
  - Packages providing python3* not installed due to update_only specified

Unlike the APT module, the DNF module does not seems to support wildcards. Its documentation says I could use a list for this, but I would need to know and write all packages names.

Is there a way to use a wildcard or, maybe, a regular expression with the DNF module?


Looks like (according to the documentation) you can only use “*” to upgrade all packages.

Another idea: use the ansible.builtin.package_facts module, loop over the result and only grab matching packages for upgrading with the ansible.builtin.dnf module. This way you can apply your pattern, or regex.


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