Unable to create AWS Batch Job-Definition of Fargate type

Unable to create aws batch job-definition of Fargate type.

I am referring to aws_batch_job_definition – Manage AWS Batch Job Definitions — Ansible Documentation page in-order to create aws job-definition.
As mentioned, we can create a container type of job-definition. But my requirement is to create a job-definition of type Fargate

- name: My Batch Job Definition
    job_definition_name: My Batch Job Definition
    state: present
    type: container
      Param1: Val1
      Param2: Val2
    image: <Docker Image URL>
    vcpus: 1
    memory: 512
      - python
      - run_my_script.py
      - arg1
    job_role_arn: <Job Role ARN>
    attempts: 3
  register: job_definition_create_result
  • AWS Batch, Job-Definition, Fargate