Trying to get a message to the right team about a 8.6 release issue

The problem is recorded here

The problem is that the reported issue is not within the above repo, instead an error seems to have found its way into the building of the ppa, which is a separate team/group/system over at Ansible in Launchpad

I do not know the Ansible ecosystem well enough to know who to raise the issue with and it seems that each repo involved is only focused on its own role within the process rather than the overall process of delivering working packages to end users.

Somehow the text 'git ’ has been added to the start of a php file which means that the file causes an error when processed with the result that Ansible 8.6 installs will fail. The issue is not who/what caused it, but who/what can resolve the issue.

The issue was with the collection, it was published from a dirty checkout (that contained that git before the shebang). It got resolved in the meantime, and Ansible 8.6.1 got released with that fix included.

In this forum, it’s best to ping release-managers (I’ve intentionally not added the @ to avoid pinging them) in case of such problems, since they are responsible for releasing the ansible package (from which the PPA is built). Creating an issue in the ansible-build-data GitHub repository also works. That’s the main repository for building and releasing Ansible.

Thanks for the reply and update, I was following threads across repos watching the fix as it progressed.

Your last comment about using ansible-build-data is something that is not very clear from the overall project and all its repos. Maybe someone could make it clear in the readme file regarding what types of issues can be handled by raising issues there.

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Thanks, that’s a very useful feedback. I created a PR to improve the repository’s README to hopefully explain this better: README: clarify what the issue tracker covers by felixfontein · Pull Request #322 · ansible-community/ansible-build-data · GitHub

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