The new Galaxy is completely broken

Thanks for posting this Greg. I see the communication here as passion (although there is well appreciated frustration), but I also honestly struggle with clear and respectful communication when I get upset about something. We are all human, so assume that folks have good intent on all sides of the argument. It is up to all of us to always be respectful and just be nice to each other, Greg shouldn’t have to even pipe up IMHO, it is sad he had to.

One of the things I do… you are gonna laugh, is use AI tools like ChatGPT, you can chat with them, and have them be more respectful.

For example I stole a paragraph from above and redid it->

I’ve noticed some changes on the new website that have made the user experience challenging for me. Previously, there were features like notes filtering for roles based on reviews, OS filtering to narrow down roles by platform, and options to sort by download count or last update. These helped ensure relevance and timeliness.

Realize that there is tons of people using the forum, of different cultures and languages, so it is even more important to just be “nice” because we are all on the same team here :heart: