The new Galaxy is completely broken

Hey everyone,
First, I just want to say I’m sorry you all are dealing with issues and are running into problems with usage on the new galaxy site. As you mentioned @jpmens, we have the old versions of the UI running at, so if you’d prefer to use the filtering and sorting there, please do so. Here is some info about

Filtering and sorting are one of the highest priority items the team is working to improve. We worked to bring back role download count sorting, which has now landed. We are actively looking at ways to add a lot more improvements to search, and I’ll post our proposal there and what will be covered shortly. We’ve already gotten a good idea from the community on enhancements to our 404 redirection solution and are now working to investigate that further.

I can understand that there are issues and frustrations with using the site, and I also appreciate everyone who has taken the time to share that feedback here on the forum. I can tell you that the galaxy development team really wants to create a service that is awesome to use for our community and continually being improved. I can also say confidently this is our team’s highest priority and focus. We are currently working to ramp more people up so we can parallelize efforts and get both fixes and enhancements in at a faster rate.

I do feel like it needs to be said though–editorializing in a negative way and making unfair assumptions about the development team’s skills or motivations is unhelpful. The team is putting in a lot of effort to make improvements and fix the issues we know about. The negativity can be demotivating, which is hard when we have a lot of work to do to keep things moving in a positive direction. In short, keep the feedback coming, but please remember, at the end of the day, the development team is comprised of people who are working hard on Galaxy.

Also if you are having issues, please give us some context. Link us to a specific thing that is broken. Tell us specifically what you tried to do if there was an uploading issue you ran into. These help us a lot in coming up with reproduction scenarios and ultimately fixes. And continue to engage with us here because like I said, we want to make this an awesome service for our community to use.