The new Galaxy is completely broken

Ah… so it’s not just me :frowning:

As with the initial rollout of Collections, it seems like the majority of the work has ignored the (small but?) passionate group of users who still just use roles as the base unit of Ansible content (and either rely on the community Ansible distro or manage collections in a separate manner).

I have been patient the past few weeks trying to give things time to settle, but as this is affecting role users directly now (I try publishing bugfixes and updates… then everyone starts hitting problems), I hope that the voices in this thread can push towards maybe an “all hands on not-breaking a significant portion of the community’s previously-working tooling”.

Like, if everyone’s not focused on stabilizing Galaxy, they need to be.

I may sound like a village idiot, but Michael DeHaan just released an alpha build of JetPorch, and while it is far (VERY far) from what Ansible is today… it may solve my simpler use cases, and having to spend all my limited OSS dev time working on communicating to my users about Galaxy’s brokenness is a very heavy incentive towards looking towards greener pastures. Even if I have to step in a bit of :poop: getting through them :stuck_out_tongue:

I still use/love/promote Ansible, and love the team, but the rollout has not been fun to deal with as an end user and relatively popular role maintainer.