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Issue #138, 2024-05-17 (Past Issues)

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KEY DATES :stopwatch:


Ansible-Core :arrow_upper_right:

The ansible-core package contains the base engine and a small subset of modules and plugins. To see what’s planned for the next release, look at the ansible-core roadmaps.

ansible-announce contributed

New Release: ansible-core v2.17.0rc2 - New Release: ansible-core v2.17.0rc2

Antsibull :arrow_upper_right:

Tooling for building the Ansible package and collection documentation.

Felix Fontein shared

antsibull 0.62.0 (antsibull/ at main · ansible-community/antsibull · GitHub) has been released with new features and a breaking change related to handling feature freeze, and releasing with existing data (.deps files, and/or release summary). The breaking change is that the release role no longer automatically skips the prepare step if the .deps file is already present. The old behavior can be restored with a new option for the release role. See the changelog for more details.

Felix Fontein shared

antsibull 0.63.0 (antsibull/ at main · ansible-community/antsibull · GitHub) has been released with another feature needed for the Ansible community package automated release process.

Ansible :arrow_upper_right:

The Ansible package includes ansible-core and is a batteries-included package that provides a curated set of Ansible collections. See the Ansible roadmaps for future release plans.

Felix Fontein said

Ansible 10.0.0a3 package (pre-release) is here! :heart:
:link:Release announcement: Ansible community package 10.0.0a3 (Pre-Release)
:minidisc:You can install it by running the following command:

python3 -m pip install ansible==10.0.0a3 --user

:arrow_right: Check Release Notes :package::spiral_notepad: (ansible-build-data/10/ at 10.0.0a3 · ansible-community/ansible-build-data · GitHub) and Ansible 10 Porting Guide (Ansible 10 Porting Guide — Ansible Community Documentation) for more details!


abuzachis said 8.0.0 has been released with new features, bugfixes, and deprecated features. It also includes the removal of some functionality for iam_role, iam_role_info and module_utils.policy that were previously deprecated. We have also removed support for ansible-core<2.15. (see changelog for details).

Felix Fontein said

community.hrobot 2.0.0 (community.hrobot/ at main · ansible-collections/community.hrobot · GitHub) has been released! This new major release drops support for older Ansible/ansible-base/ansible-core releases (2.13 and before), and changes the inventory plugins to repurpose the filter option to support the new filtering available from the community.library_inventory_filtering_v1 collection.

andersson007_ contributed

The community.postgresql collection version 2.4.6 and 3.4.1 have been released!

yurnov said

kubernetes.core collection has been released version 3.1.0 and avaliable on Galaxy

Release Summary

This release comes with some bugfixes and documentation updates. It also adds new features to the kubectl connection plugin and the kustomize lookup plugin.

Minor Changes


demetri shared

The ibm_zos_core 1.10.0-beta.1 collection is now available on Galaxy. This release includes support for ZOAU 1.3.0, bugfixes and enhancements. Check out the blog for more details.


samccann shared

Red Hat is looking for feedback on automated Policy As Code - Welcome to the Policy as Code Forum! Get started here

andersson007_ contributed

Please everyone share your feelings on the options for the Ansible community package future in the forum poll .

andersson007_ contributed

Feedback wanted on the How to improve cross-project contributor experience topic: can we enable contributors to easily be able to land and expand in our ecosystem?


samccann said

A couple of upcoming events, check out the details and RSVP:


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