Specify Inventory for workflow_nodes in workflow_job_template

I cannot figure out how to define an inventory per-node when configuring AWX using awx.awx.workflow_job_template module.

I found the documentation here:

I’ve tried:

  • Specify inventory at the Workflow level
  • Define inventory directly in unified_job_template
  • Define inventory under related section (complete shot in the dark)

No matter what I try, the workflow completes just fine but there are no inventories assigned in the nodes.

Does anyone have any pointers, or possibly a way to extract a workflow from AWX in the same format I’d use to configure the workflow using awx.awx? This way, I could update workflows in the GUI and see how that changes the YAML config.

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Did you set prompt on launch for the inventory in the job template?

the documentation for awx.awx.workflow_job_template module – create, update, or destroy Automation Platform Controller workflow job templates. — Ansible Documentation

seem to suggest “prompt on launch” need to be enabled

I have. Here is the definition of the Job Template that is being referenced by the Workflow Job Template.

- name: SNOW Init
    name: SNOW Init
    description: Initialize SNOW Headers
    project: "MyProject"
    playbook: project/play_snow_init.yml
    ask_credential_on_launch: yes
    ask_inventory_on_launch: yes
    state: present

After the workflow is created using the playbook, if can go into the AWX GUI, click edit on that node in the workflow, and it asks me for an inventory. However, there is no inventory applied by the playbook till I set one manually.

Thank you for the recommendation.

gotcha… maybe there’s a bug in the awx collection than…

can you create a github issue a minimal reproduction steps


Yeah, I can do that. Thanks for the advice so far.