Skip default params from every module in a collection

I am the maintainer of netscaler.adc ansible collection.

Every module in this collection is an API call to the NetScaler ADC device to configure it.

Every module has some common params (attributes) which have to be present in the playbook-task (OR optionally, environment variable also can be read)

common params are: nsip, nitro_user, nitro_pass, nitro_protocol, validate_certs, save_config

Is there any way I can enhance my collection to skip (or specifiy) these common params in the playbook?

Thank you

Eg can be found in the below file

You can use module default groups, also known as action groups: Module defaults — Ansible Documentation

Example of a collection using that:

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Thank you @felixfontein as always :slight_smile:

Hello @felixfontein, is there a way I can use module defaults in my integration tests (using roles) ?

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