Should our install instructions use `python3 -m pip install`?

Hi folks -

I got a bit of side-channel feedback suggesting it’s better to use python3 -m pip install in our installation guide instructions, and pointed to for why.

I know we recently added pipx to the docs, but figured I’d open a discussion and see what folks think in general. We mention this installation in our release announcements as well as in the docs. And it will be on the new website as well.

What do folks think? @oranod @anwesha and others?

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Meh, I don’t really abide by this. I don’t think there’s a problem with calling the pip entrypoint.

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I think using python3 -m pip over pip itself is more important for scripts or other automation, where you want to make sure that you call the pip belonging to the default python3 interpreter in the current environment.