Role var/param naming (prefix)

I was converting one of my playbooks into a collection to utilize galaxy instead of manual source control for swift deployment when realized that var prefix is not enforced anymore. Since this is now a collection, it makes sense to allow correct usage outside of my playbooks. But I am not sure if I should add prefixes to all role vars (params) or keep current layout Am I getting this right that now variables supplied as parameters to a role would resolve possible collisions since role params would have higher priority?

current state (role example) charlesrocket.freebsd.desktop role – Deploys desktop tunings β€” charlesrocket.freebsd Ansible collection documentation

Back in the days I would append prefix as I did with dotfiles role (in another collection) and linter would agree but things seems to be different now and I can’t find any relative documentation with active links.

current var usage (playbook):

I thought the linter would help to clear things out but I can not make it to complain on the topic no matter what I do :grinning: - like it does not care anymore about var prefixes.

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