Question about Molecule and creator-ee image

Hello all,

This is my first post as I just recently found the forum and am greatful to see the wealth of information and knowledge here!

I had a question I asked in the Ansible Devtools Matrix chat but it hasn’t gotten any traction yet (or maybe I’m just being impatient?) So I found this forum and figured I would ask here.

I’m just getting into using Molecule to test my roles from a python venv and its been very useful so far but I just had a fairly basic question regarding something I read one the doc site.

I noticed on the Molecule docs site it mentions there’s a creator-ee image that has Molecule already installed and ansible-navigator is one of the main consumers.

How is Molecule is used in that context from ansible-nagivator inside the creator-ee container?

Is there a way I can use this image to run my molecule tests from the cli or from vscode? I just mainly want to make sure I’m not missing something like that which could possibly make my workflow more efficient (I’m not using CI testing or anything like that at this point).

Any info or advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated.


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I’m guessing my question may have been too long winded.

I think I could shorten it to:

“Why is Molecule included in the creator-ee image?”

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated, maybe it is something very obvious that I’m unaware of.

I am interested too. Does anyone know of any?

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“Why is Molecule included in the creator-ee image?”

No idea. You gotta have to ask Ganesh about this one :smiley:


I found the RFE by Ganesh.
There is no native support for molecule on Ansible Navigator yet and not tested well on my side but can we run molecule viaansible-navigator exec with mounting project dir including the files for molecule?


This is great thanks for looking into this all! For some reason I never thought to actually check the issues or commits in the project.

@ptn great find!

So from the last link @kurokobo posted it appears to be the groundwork for running Molecule within an execution environment. Looks like from 2021. This would be a great feature I think and I’ll definitely follow those issues to see if it comes to fruition! I’d love to help if I had the python skills but not quite there yet.

If anyone hears anything else about this I’d love to know more. Thanks again!

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I found this GitHub discussion post on the creator-ee project.

It shows a way to run molecule using the creator-ee image.

podman run --privileged -v /home/USER/git/ansible/:/home/runner/ansible --workdir=/home/runner/ansible molecule converge

I haven’t tried it yet but looks like at least a starting point for me. Not sure if this is the right way to go about it but I will definitely be trying it out soon enough.

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