Problems trying to set up an older AWX version


Hi there,

My team and I are trying to set up a replica of our production AWX instance on AWS EKS. I made a mistake when I did the installation of using the “latest” tag for both AWX Operator and AWX itself, and whilst I can find the version of AWX which is installed fairly easily from the WebUI - I’m not at all sure where to find out which version of the operator was used.

The installation of both the infrastructure hosting AWX and AWX itself is all done via terraform, the last step kicking off the AWX install uses the ‘kustomization’ provider.

The problem I’m seeing at the moment is that during the last step of the AWX Operator running - we’re seeing errors in the logs about a missing “web_liveness_period” variable. From searching around on GitHub issues I see this has been a problem for some other folks - but their context is around an upgrade of an existing cluster, and not a brand new install (which is effectively what we’re doing here, as we’re doing it into a “blank” AWS account with no EKS set up already).

I’m not really clear on what I should be doing here - I was trying to get a like for like of our production install, which was done in early January of this year, and as I understand it from looking through the code on GitHub, the ‘web_liveness_period’ was only introduced in version 2.13.0 of the operator. I’m not clear either whether the problem is that the operator is missing it, or that the AWX that the operator is trying to install needs it.

Any help very much appreciated!