PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2023

Hey @PostgreSQLTeam , there is a PostgreSQL Conference Europe coming to Czech republic soon. Sadly the call for papers is closed, so submitting something won’t be possible if you haven’t, but I noticed there is an Ansible talk and you might be interested in attending to share some experiences:

Are any of you able to make it? Should we add it to the calendar?

Update: Added to events calendar as @ads is attending and the conference has a confirmed Ansible talk in the schedule.


Well, I will be there :wink:

If someone can send be a bit of merchandise (stickers or such), I can distribute them in the talk.


I’m sure @cybette can help when she gets back :slight_smile:


If you will be there, then I say it’s worth having it in our Ansible calendar in case someone else is around!

We got some representation + a talk around Ansible, yay!

I will add it in a short while, probably edit the parent post above to keep it tidy.


@ads please post a link to the talk recording here after the event!
I’m not sure if i’ll show up but will see:)

!remindme 2 months

Will make a note to post it here.

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@cybette Pinged you about this on Matrix.

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Use the bookmark feature, it’s great!


It’ll send you a forum notification when the specified time arrives :slight_smile:

Yes :wink:

The intended message was to Andersson, letting him know that I’ve seen his message and will act on it.

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I have received merchandise (thanks cybette) and will bring it to Prague.


it looks a bit as if this was the place to lookout for such