Playbook for install .bin file

Good afternoon, could you help me?
I need to copy a file to a remote host with a .bin extension and run it with administrator rights. What kind of playbook is needed (the one that displays the GPT chat does not work).

Remote host Ubuntu 22.04


I’m going to assume the following items for my example below

  1. You have all the prerequisite items setup to make the playbook work
    (Inventory, host_vars, etc.)
  2. SSH To your remote system works
  3. The admin user on the remote system is root
  4. Your bin file is stored locally on your system at /tmp/my_file.bin

Items to Learn

  1. Ansible’s copy module.
  2. Ansible’s become capabilities
  3. Ansible’s expect module, if your executable is going to require interaction to prompts in order to install properly.

Example Playbook

If your executable requires prompt interaction, replace ansible.builtin.copy with ansible.builtin.expect and use the link above to learn how to use it.

- name: Copy my_file.bin to Remote Server:/tmp/my_remote_file.bin
  hosts: all
  become: yes
  become_user: root
  become_method: sudo

    - name: Copy the file
        src: /tmp/my_file.bin
        dest: /tmp/my_remote_file.bin

    - name: Execute the file "sh /tmp/my_remote_file.bin"