PHP Windows remote Redhat

Hi everyone,
Can I automation a Redhat server on Windows?


I think your post needs some clarification;

  • What do you mean by “Redhat server” ?
  • What action do you want to automate ?
  • You mention PHP in your post’s title; how would it fit in your request ?

Very wild guess here; are you looking for a way to automate an httpd / apache server install, with a php hander (like php-fpm) on a Windows Server machine ?

If so, yes, but that would not be as straightforward as on GNU/Linux. Perhaps with win_chocolatey module help ?

Please give us some more info and we might be able to assist you in a more effective way !

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Hello, thanks for your replying.

I have a server with Redhat os (A). I want to automate it. I have installed Ansible on it. Form Windows os, i access (A) via ssh and run playbook. Can you tell me how to copy file from Window to (A)? Thanks

So if I get you right, you’d like to use your Windows machine as Ansible control node to copy files from a playbook’s task on a target RHEL machine. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

As of today, Windows Server is not supported as control node; you’d need to use WSL (which is technically a GNU/Linux machine running in a VM) to run playbooks from your ‘Windows’ box.