Nginx configuration using Ansible

Hi! im actually new to ansible and i need to change some multiple nginx files. since it kind of have a structure of server { } and location{} etc. also think there are more blocks of server{} and location{} in the etc in this same file. and how can i add any code specifically to the location inside the config file?

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Not sure I quite understand what you’re asking; if I get you straight, you’d like to know how to inject your configuration (nginx directives and such) directly into existing Nginx configuration files. Is that it ?

If so, you can use lineinfile module, which will let you add, remove or modify lines or patterns in existing files.

Another suggestion would be to template those files out. Here is a vhost template example from geerlingguy ansible-role-nginx role, though you’d probably like to use your own templates for specific configuration. Also not only vhosts, but daemon conf, http block, streams and upstreams, …

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Hi @Akila,
I think I did what you mean using a template:

Hope that helped!

I highly recommend just templating the file out versus using lineinfile or blockinfile. You should understand every section of nginx and what you are configuring. Everytime I try to go down the path of partial config manipulation it ends up having some corner case I didn’t envision and back fires.


I recommend that you check out jinja2 templates and then create one or two with some variables.

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