Network Automation Working Group Agenda

Next Networking Working Group Meeting - 2023-12-07T13:00:00Z


This meeting is open to everyone. We meet in the matrix room at 1pm GMT on Thursdays, every two weeks, to discuss topics related to the networking collections mentioned here .

Please update the agenda below with items you wish to discuss. If you don’t show up for the meeting, your item will be skipped.

If you just want reviewers for your contribution, join us on:

For those taking meeting minutes:

We now use the Matrix meeting bot. Start the meeting with

  1. !startmeeting Ansible Network Working Group
  2. !topic Networking Working Group Updates
  3. ^info <update #1>
  4. ^info <update #2>
  5. !topic Open Floor
  6. To end meeting - !endmeeting

Then as you progress, use !topic to start each main topic below
Then use ^info to summarize what is discussed, and ^action for any action items proposed.

When the meeting is done:

  1. Find the current meeting minutes autoposted to the Workflow and Logs category.

Happy Automating!