Molecule 6, drivers have become scenarios

First off, I think the direction of eliminating drivers and just using ansible itself with collections to set up the “infrastructure” to test against is probably a good ting.

The downside is you’re now picking a tech/collection in your create.yml, and there’s (currently?) no good way to pick a different tech/collection for a given scenario, which I think is rather unfortunate.

So now scenarios like deploy_app_with_apache and deploy_app_with_nginx have to become deploy_app_with_apache_using_docker and if I want to provide testing for a different driver/backend it’d be deploy_app_with_apache_using_libvirt.

Would it be reasonable to reuse --driver (or just a new flag --backend) to look for keys in the playbooks dict? (As is already done for drivers)

Something like;

  name: ansible
      create.yml: create-docker.yml
      destroy.yml: destroy-docker.yml
      create.yml: create-libvirt.yml