Migration from AWX to RHEL Ansible Automation Platform

Hello all,
I have a running AWX on a CentOs host. The AWX itself was built within a docker by someone else that is no longer reachable so I could not obtain any more details.

The AWX itself is running quite an old version AWX 15.0.1 and I’m trying to migrate the database into a RHEL Ansible Automation Platform.

I can’t find any documentation about this nor does the AWX have an export/import option so I was wondering if anyone has dealt with it and if it is even possible to move database to RHEL Ansible Automation Platform.


I don’t know specifically about migrating the entire database, but if you just want to migrate your settings check out my answer from another post in this forum.

awx.awx.export and import

When I migrated from Core to AAP I was able to create projects based off my existing github repo setup. There were a small number of syntax changes stemming from the underlying ansible-core version differences.
But to migrate an older version of AWX into AAP? Unless you wanna pay RH pro services I don’t believe you are going to find anything easy or straight-forward.
You might be in a situation where moving from awx to tower then to AAP might perhaps work? Or cut your losses and start over fresh.

Have you poked around in the knowledge base at access.redhat.com yet?

there are possibly breaking differences in the db formats between the products, but no one will actually tell you that. The Community vigorously shies away from the pay-for products. And RH support will say that’s a custom deal and outside the support scope.

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Yes, I did check it right before posting here. I want to keep all my job templates and schedules since they are over 500, which is the reason I wanted to migrate the database. Sadly my current AWX has no option to export the job templates, schedules, inventories, etc…

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Ouch… man that’s gotta hurt. I’d prolly find the best Postgres (?) DB person I have access to and try it. Setup AAP in a dev instance… get it all vanilla working. Then see what happens moving things over from the back end.

My next bet would be to look through your AWX Version’s API and see if there is anything you can scrape and modifying it to either build an AAP import playbook or push to the AAP API.

Other than that, @skeer might be right. Build a dev install of AAP and start working away at trying to migrate the DB.