Mention MariaDB in documentation

Ansible supports MariaDB with the mysql community module (as I understand). However MariaDB is not mentioned in the documentation, e.g. here: Community.Mysql — Ansible Community Documentation and here Database modules — Ansible Documentation .

In practice many users are running MariaDB, so it should be mentioned more explicitly. I suggest mentioning MariaDB in the community.mysql collection, changing the header in the list of database modules to “MySQL and MariaDB”, and mentioning MariaDB in each individual mysql module’s documentation - at least under Synopsis and Notes.

I can make a suggestion with a Pull Request for this, but I haven’t found the corresponding rst files in github - can somebody share a URL please?

The page Database modules — Ansible Documentation no longer exists since Ansible 2.9.

The page Community.Mysql — Ansible Community Documentation and its subpages are automatically generated from the community.mysql collection: GitHub - ansible-collections/community.mysql: MySQL Ansible Collection

Files that could be adjusted are:

I would recommend to start creating an issue in Issues · ansible-collections/community.mysql · GitHub about this first.


Thanks, I have opened an issue now at Mention MariaDB in documentation · Issue #639 · ansible-collections/community.mysql · GitHub