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Meeting summary

  1. TOPIC: Triage (, 15:03:59)
    1. INFO: what do we want to do for continuing docs for Ansible 9 after Ansible 10 releases - (, 15:04:39)
    2. INFO: general agreement that we should include 9 in the version switcher for the duration of Ansible 9 longer release (, 15:13:24)
    3. LINK: (, 15:16:06)
  2. TOPIC: Documentation Updates (, 15:20:28)
    1. LINK: (, 15:22:25)
    2. INFO: pr reviews welcome so we can get these student contributions merged on time! (, 15:22:44)
    3. LINK: (, 15:23:44)
    4. INFO: I've been putting some details about requirements and suggestions for the workflow in that issue. feel free to read or comment. (, 15:24:16)
    5. LINK: here is a recent workflow run from my fork: (, 15:25:32)
    6. LINK: here is an experimental repo that I've used as a destination for the push: (, 15:28:38)
    7. INFO: Q1: I propose that we create a new target repo that the workflow pushes into in the `ansible-community` org. Does anyone think that sounds like a good or bad idea? (, 15:33:15)
    8. INFO: Q2: I also propose that we use the `ansible` alias in ReadTheDocs so that we end up with `` to match the current url context ``. Any considerations there or better ideas? (, 15:35:59)
    9. INFO: Q3: As a future effort, after we get things set up on RTD, propose that we add a workflow step that pushes to a `gh-pages` branch in the new repo that we’ll use to replace ``. This keeps prod on RTD and test on GH pages. Does that sound reasonable? (, 15:41:34)
    10. INFO: general agreement on Q1 and Q2 (using ansible-community to host new artifact repo and projects/ansible for the RTD structure (, 15:45:57)
    11. INFO: A3 sure let's use github pages for our replacement test/staging site, blocked from google so it won't compete with the real thing (, 15:46:34)
    12. INFO: Q4: Do we want to add the package docs build as a PR check? That would give us more coverage than the `docs-build` which just covers core docs but would take >30 mins to run. (, 15:48:49)
    13. AGREED: keep full package docs build as a separate workflow not part of CI tests, but extend current CI tests to include all RST files to broaden scope of testing (, 15:55:50)
  3. TOPIC: Open Floor (, 15:56:21)
    1. ACTION: need to restore the umask note to setting up docs local builds (, 16:00:34)
    2. ACTION: open issue on ansible/ansible for the spell check problems in the docs build (, 16:01:57)
    3. INFO: if we move ansible-documentation repo, we should move ansible/docsite as well as that holds the 'front pages'. (, 16:05:23)

Meeting ended at 2024-04-30 16:06:17

Action items

  1. need to restore the umask note to setting up docs local builds
  2. open issue on ansible/ansible for the spell check problems in the docs build

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