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  1. TOPIC: Documentation Updates (, 16:05:05)
    1. INFO: PR to generate package docs with github actions - (, 16:05:33)
    2. INFO: this is the first step to generating docs outside of the Red Hat internal jenkins job that drives it today (, 16:05:53)
    3. INFO: Porting guide links to changelogs now use a markdown version since GitHub rst rendering for large files is busted (, 16:08:51)
    4. INFO: docs project board with prioritized list of open issues - (, 16:12:12)
  2. TOPIC: Open Floor (, 16:12:58)
    1. INFO: if someone is looking for a docs issue that doesn't require ansible technical knowledge - this one has a number of items listed that need updates for matrix use vs irc - (, 16:15:29)
    2. LINK: (, 16:17:53)
    3. INFO: we got a response with some ideas on how we can expand the use of the "see also" section. next step might be to create some issues now that we can track (, 16:19:31)
    4. LINK: (, 16:36:32)
    5. INFO: please give the cheatsheet PR from sutapa_bhattacharjee a review (, 16:37:07)
    6. INFO: update on the MUNI students in Brno who will potentially be tackling some Ansible package doc issues as part of their tech writing course. at the moment there is a total of 12 students participating. they have a choice of several projects, including Ansible and Foreman. from approximately March 25 to April 1 the students will research projects to work on and pick issues. (, 16:40:38)
    7. INFO: I've requested that students interested in Ansible join us here on Matrix but we'll see. most of them should have familiarity with GitHub but will be fairly inexperienced. anyway I'll go through and add some more labels for potential issues then we'll do a sort of triage in the next couple of weeks and before students choose projects and get assigned issues. (, 16:42:26)

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