Meeting bot and logs format appears to be broken

Looking at the latest community-wg meeting log:

The format appears to be broken. Previous ones had a table like format plus working links:

@gwmngilfen can you take a look?

You’re referencing a log from a post I created by hand, from 9 month ago (which is before the new meeting bot was created). I don’t think that’s a fair comparison. Looking at the recent logs, they all seem consistent in format, which suggests the bot is working as intended.

If you don’t like the current format, that’s a different debate to it being broken :slight_smile:

LOL, not sure how I ended comparing so far back. I was actually looking previous posts to see if links were always broken (I would wager those aren’t working as expected :smiley:), the table format was a side-find. I wouldn’t mind seeing it formatted that way.

Also, maybe we can add the logs as a post below the minutes instead of attaching the file? Needing to download them to check them seems too much in my opinion.

They potentially could be longer than the character limit for a post, so rather than having branched logic, I opted for a single code path and always uploaded instead. I’m open to change if there’s broad support for it, but it’ll need a handler for length checking :wink: