Lightspeed and WSL cannot set properties of undefined (setting "currentModelValue')

I run vscode for my ansible playbook devolopment in a WSL2 shell with ubuntu.
This works ok but I also want to use ansible lightspeed.
But when I click connect in the extension I get the following error:

cannot set properties of undefined (setting "currentModelValue’)

Has someone a solution for that?

I have installed chrome in WSL now that error is gone.
But Lightspeed is not working It connects and login. Uses the browser of windows.
Login and authentication works.
But when I type a task I get:
bad request response

Hello @daemenseth , a couple of questions:

  1. Are you using the Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed technical preview?
  2. Was your user working in a native VS Code in Windows or somewhere else before?

Yes I am using technical preview.

And Yess in the native vscode on windows it is working.