Is there an official or defacto nftables module or collection?

Regarding nftables, I’m not seeing anything official ie. built-in or collection for the use of nftables. I see there are a few collections out in the wild of limited or mixed popularity.
Perhaps I’m not looking correctly.

I’m a little hesitant to use something like that in production without some community feedback. Is there some collection that is the go-to for most users?

We have some issues with using with simply using iptables (with nft support) since we have some other software that makes changes to nftables.

Any advice is welcome.

I’m not seeing any nftables specific support, in the official or community collections. I did find @Ansibleguy apparently has his own collection, but I don’t know him or his work, so this isn’t a recommendation by me.

Thanks, there is that one and one from a French University that seem the highest google hits.
I’m surprised given that netfilter/nftables has been popular for a few years now.

You’re the first person I’ve met that uses nftables.

Red Hat leans heavily into using firewalld, and debian (or Ubuntu at least) is using ufw.

In turn, Ansible supports firewalld of course, but has some support for iptables and even ufw (in the community.general collection anyways).

Personally, I prefer firewalld, but I’m also pretty newschool to linux vs some of my peers who are very oldschool.

They are both now front ends for nftables.
Iptables and Firewalld that is. Not sure about UFW