Is there a play variable which contains the name (and tag) of the AWX execution environment being used?


I’d like to be able to report in a play with which execution environment a job template (i.e. playbook) is being run, mainly for debugging purposes.

Is there a magic awx_* (or tower_*) variable which surfaces this information?

it does not appear that we do

you can open an enhancement issue on github, but it’s unlikely to get prioritize by awx developers. This would be a great contribution if you are interested in opening a PR!


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Thank you, @fosterseth, that’s a great help. Using awx_job_id (e.g. 294) I can find what I need using the jobs API:

awx jobs get 294 | jq

which is exactly what I need. (I’m desperately trying to figure out why plugins burned into my EE aren’t being found whereas using the same EE in ansible-navigator works, and it worked in AWX on Tuesday … sighs.)

I’m not sure I have the stamina to provide a PR to add the field to awx_meta_vars() though.

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