Is the namespace 'redhat_cop' being renamed to 'infra'?

It’s probably an age thing on my part, but I’m getting a bit dizzy. :slight_smile:

Looking at the redhat_cop.controller_configuration (Ansible Galaxy) collection, it appears this collection is Deprecated. Its repo at GitHub - redhat-cop/controller_configuration: A collection of roles to manage Ansible Controller and previously Ansible Tower does not mention that.

At the top of the Galaxy page, there’s a link to “We recommend that you take a look at one of these instead”,

and the one I find most “serious-looking” would be infra.controller_configuration (Ansible Galaxy). The ‘Repo’ button therein links to GitHub - redhat-cop/controller_configuration: A collection of roles to manage Ansible Controller and previously Ansible Tower which, as far as I can tell, is exactly the same repo as the one linked to from redhat_cop.controller_configuration.

Is it just a case of the namespace redhat_cop having been replaced by infra, and would it not make it much easier to actually just say that? :slight_smile:


This is a good question and I think we’ve said whats happened in our issues, and in private but not as a entire readme.

The redhat_cop namespace is not being renamed to infra. It is staying where it is for people involved in redhat communities of practice repos to use to publish to galaxy.

However several of the collections previously published under that namespace were made :ansible_pool_mark:Validated content collections.

As part of that change the controller_configuration, ah_configuration, ee_utilities, and aap_utilities collections were published for 6 months to both redhat_cop and infra, and in our changelogs and various other means we communicated that change. After that we stopped publishing those collections to the redhat_cop namespace.

In addition to the confusion is that the redhat_cop is the git organization home for most infra collections as determined by the COP, and the management of validated collections.

Another wrinkle happened when the ah_configuration collection moved to ansible/galaxy_collection, in preparation to be published as a certified collection, which will be available upstream as a different name as well.

The content has not changed. In all of these situations. It is just that the collection namespaces themselves are moving as we figure out how to navigate the waters as collections ecosystem is evolving. These collections are mainly maintained by Red Hat Consultants and other volunteers in their free time. But at the same time we have advocated for these to be picked up to be official collections to be used with their respective projects.

I know this is a big wall of text, but hopefully answers your question, It’s been a long winding road, and we are getting established here on the forum as well so we can better communicate things like this.



I think I’ve understood most of what you say, thank you @sean_sullivan, but I remain a wee bit confused. Apart from my not knowing what ‘COP’ means (which probably doesn’t matter, but I have a thing for acronyms) ( Communities of Practice) I feel that when you say it’s just the collection namespaces are moving this ought to be plastered accross the “old” collections to make it clearer that that’s what’s probably going to happen.

Thank you for addressing my question.

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I believe we did put in warnings to some of the old tasks, but that might not have been enough, we are working on the ah_configuration to put it in the modules themselves about the move, so we get an actual ansible warning next time, But we might need to plaster it more in our Readme’s

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